Dedicated to the Memory of Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth L. Anderson 1927 - 2001

Crieff 1938

Crieff 1938

A biographical introduction of my Mother's life is difficult to write, as she was such a complex person. So I append notes that define specific aspects, each one could warrant a site of its own – so briefly, meet my Mother:

Three careers:
A nurse
A craft potter
A writer

A mother
Two sons.
Two grandchildren
Two great grandchildren
One husband and one Faith
A menagerie of animals loved and cared for; a couple of dozen dogs, couple of cats, parrots, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Recently my Dad said something that sparked off these thoughts:
“What I have missed most recently is the conversation."
But more than that, it was the ideas and stimulation that stemmed from these conversations. Ideas that most recently would have been a formula for a new pottery glaze. In the past my Mother’s ideas were the building blocks of her visions, spiritual strengths and beliefs that would ultimately lead to enlightenment and change.
Overcoming fears, prejudices and doubts, not at least her own, to confront and challenge the establishment, her profession, social services and the Church. Therefore through demonstration, enlightenment, a deep Faith, my Dad's support and sheer bloody-mindedness she invariably reached her objectives.

After her death we received many calls, messages and letters, from people spanning a great period of time. In many instances these people recounted experiences, where in the past, perhaps 20 or 30 years ago, their paths crossed my Mother's, on occasions perhaps only briefly. But in many instances these people's lives had been touched and influenced by my Mother's convictions and beliefs.

To conclude, this site has been created to celebrate my Mother's achievements, as a mother, a professional nurse, craft potter and writer, but essentially to allow her beliefs and faith, expressed in her poems to be read by people the world over.

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