Heads of Government

I pray
That in years to come,
Heads of Government,
At least some,
Will listen to men of different race
And halt this suicidal pace,
To hurl all the Human Race,
Into annihilation?s waste.
Still, selfishly, men go their way,
To worship idols with feet of clay.

Some say ?tomorrow is another day,
Let?s gather rose buds while we may?.
This then is man?s philosophy.
Will he never cease to hoard
Pretty baubles for his pleasure, precious stones,
Gold and treasure gained by greed and lust?
These will perish with him
In Atomic Dust.

Away with talk of creed and colour,
Learn to love one another.
Every man is your brother,
The Great Creator is the Father.
Oh that man could only grasp
The wonder of the Universe.
Too vast ? alas ?
For the puny mind.
He has no concept of
Space or Time.


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