I Slumbered and a Voice Cried Unto Me

I slumbered ? and a voice cried unto me,
?Leave the world of dreams awhile,
Come and follow me?.
Over the threshold together we went,
Into reality.
The past was there ?
Weary and spent.
The present ? was me.

A thousand pathways lay beyond ?
Into eternity.
?Take thought? ? said a voice
?To the one of your choice.
Go as far as the eye can see.
Be careful friend, when you reach the end,
Only one path leads to me?.

I hid my face in trembling hands,
Afraid to look and see.
?One step?, I said, ?enough for me?.
He must have heard my frightened cry,
For as veils of sleep drifted by,
I heard a voice reply, ?follow me child, follow me?.


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