Put Aside the Sword

Put aside the sword, the battle?s done,
Oh, so early for one so young.
?Tis God who decides wither we go, and whence we come.
Count not your sorrow in passing years,
So much to do, no time for tears.
Be not daunted, nor filled with fears,
Hands will guide you thro? coming years.
So brave you?ve been, fail not him now,
Honour His name and your head bow
To a greater will than you know of now.

May your heart not know the pain of grief too long.
Look unto God, have faith, be strong.
Let not tears wet or stain your cheek.
The earth shall be inherited by the meek.

Go forward into the light of God?s day,
Look not backward on the way.
Remember Him when you kneel to pray.
Be not bitter as you say
?Thank you God, for our lovely days,
For his youthfulness and boyish ways?.
Keep in memory, evergreen
The happy days you both have seen.
Think not on what might have been.
May such blessing lie in store
And may the future bring much more
Than you can ever hope to share.

Believe you in the answered prayers.
Remember him not with regretful thoughts.
Sadden him not with your grief.
See in death another life.
See it not as a thief.
This life is such a transient thing,
Encounters are so brief.
So hinder not his happy way,
?Tis but goodbye till another day.
Naught can destroy the love that?s been,
Not even death can intervene.

Other statesmen he has joined,
Ambassadors of Heaven they?ve become,
To link us on earth ? to make all men one.
The will of God shall be done.
Brotherhood of love, yet will come.
Peace on Earth, unto everyone.

 David Anderson 1953 - 1971

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