Thank You God for a Lovely Day

Thank you God for a lovely day
For children?s laughter while they play
And the simple things of this day.

Thank you God ? for the things unseen
That show us what this life can mean,
For the voices heard and the guiding hands,
For the comfort brought from far off lands.

Thank you God ? for the sight to see
The beauties here surrounding me,
For a glimpse into the world unseen
And a thought as to what this world might have been.

I pray Oh God ? as I patiently wait
For my turn to pass throu? thy garden gate,
That my Spirit in my earthly shell
Has learned Life?s lesson and progressed well,
That I carry in my heart no hate
I pray ? please God ? I am not too late.

 Friars Crag - Derwentwater

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