The Secret Garden

Oh, that I could wander to some warmer clime,
Some lovely garden, beyond all space and time,
Peace, rest and happiness, if only I could find.
I am aware of something there, perfect and sublime,
Colours in profusion tumble through my mind.
I sense a breeze, and rustling trees, banks of dazzling flowers
Send out their scent to please,
As their nodding bell-shaped heads
Accommodate the gently humming bees.
Just beyond, a lily pond,
Lying so quiet and still,
She lends her mirrored face to any passer-by
That they may see the beauty of azure-reflected sky.

Refreshed and full of wonder, tho? I?d never been away
I had briefly visited, beyond this span of time,
The beautiful, eternal garden of the mind.

I opened heavy eyelids and heard the whole world sigh,
Her great heart sadly weeping, for life was passing by.
For all the lonely people, not so fortunate as I.
They will not find the garden, scurrying in their haste.
They miss the hidden gateway
To their secret place.


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