Uncle Hugh

He drifted into a dreamless sleep,
As the moon shed forth her light,
And death came stealthily,
Life a thief, through the silent night.
A presence - from the shadows,
Took him by the hand.
?Whence come you stranger
From a far off land??

And a great mosaic before him,
In many colours spread.
?What is that? ? yonder stranger?
?T?is the life you lead?.
He gazed in awe at what he saw,
And softly the stranger said
?T?is the tapestry of life,
Woven in suffering, sorrow and strife?.

It all began with a single thread,
The hues were chosen, by the path you tread.
See you there ? the golden strands,
All worked in by willing hands.
Then ? a chill wind struck his cheek,
T?was as dark as night,
And all the errors of his life,
Passed before his sight.

The past unfurled before him,
Like a shadow hiding the sun.
And he watched and saw the wasted years,
And all he?d left undone.
His face was wet with falling tears,
Bitter ? every one,
And the tang of salt, was sharp upon his tongue.

Again ? the scene before him changed,
To a garden ? gay with flowers.
Each tiny petal, God had sent
For every weary hour spent
In service ? to his Brothers.
In all his life, he?d never dreamed,
He?d earned such great applause,
And ? all around ?
Was joy and peace.
T?was the Love of God.


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