Poems about Confirmation and Affirmation

I Seek to Glimpse Thy Face

I seek to glimpse thy face.
Is my soul so blinded
By things of this mortal age?
It finds no rest, or sweet repose,
Flooded by desolation so great.
God ? why did?st thou me create?

Let this spirit to Thee awake,
Nor spare me not
Suffering, pain or sorrow,
And, if in my deep despair,
This naked soul I bare,
Hear thou my cry, my prayer.

Let the tempest in this soul pass
And light to rend the darkness
In a blinding flash.
I to thee will awake at last,
And by thy grace
I shall behold
Thy beloved face.


Golden Grains

Leave the old, begin the new,
That's the only thing to do.
The past is past, the future unknown,
Always remember, you are never alone.

The seeds you planted in love have grown;
Reap the harvest of what you have sown.
Store some golden grain away,
Keep some for a rainy day,
And all you?ve left, give away.

This is all you have to do, to find it will return to you;
All the richer for the ?Giving?
That?s another name for ?Living?


Why Me

To Him who overcometh is my promise given -
I have chosen and ordained you, go forth and bear much fruit,
From this day forward (you shall go forth)
You in me and I in you,
Your patience shall be rewarded.


I Touched the Hem of His Garment

I touched the hem of his garment
As he passed by one night.
I awaken in early morning,
Filled with peace and light!

I touch the hem of his garment
When the day is full of care
And His love flows out to me
Like an answer to a prayer.

I reach out for the hem of His garment
At night - too tired for prayer
And his nearness and presence fills me,
I know - He?s already there.



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