Poems about Grieving

Another Day - Another Dawn

Another day, another dawn,
Alas, no sweet face, this morning?s sun to warm.
Yet, your presence lingers on,
Here in a place you?ve never seen.
I feel as if you have watched with me
This sun caress these distant fells, and heard birds sing,
As well as I, and seen this silver light,
Spread over the eastern sky.

You are not far gone, you too will see
Through, Heaven?s open door
This golden dawn, on some other shore,
And hear the song of birds that never die, and see a sky of gold,
That passes not away;
That everlasting dawn
Of God?s Eternal Day.



Go forth ? with a heart of lightness
Out of the shadow of uncertainty
Into the light of God?s day.
To walk with Him
Is to tread the path of surety.
Take his outstretched hand,
And, glance not backward.
For, there lies the shadows,
Like silent sentinels,
Sombre in the gathering dusk.


The Quiet Hour

My love is growing old now,
His face is lined with care,
His eyes a fading blue now,
Some gray amongst his hair.

My love is growing frail now,
His step is not so sure,
But in his heart still burns a love
As constant and as pure.

My love has passed away now,
His spirit homeward sped.
Hasten on quiet hour,
Come ? sever this silver thread.


To Those Who Grieve

Still your weeping
Dry your tears
Grieve not for me
For I am near
Go not to that earthy mound
I lie not there, beneath the ground
I am near you every day
I see your pleasures, joys and fears
Still to my heart you are dear
I am with you ? ever near
To see you weep saddens me
To see your joy gladdens me
So ? hinder not my happy way
We will meet another day.


Twilight Prayer

When the twilight deepens
And the light begins to fail,
Lead me thro? the mist,
Part for me the veil.

Guide my faltering footsteps,
Lest I stumble in the dark,
Hold a helping hand out,
Show me a loving heart.

Let my path be bright,
With flowers all the way,
Let me never know the darkness,
Only God?s eternal day.

Let me rest awhile ? there
In that glorious summer land,
And, when I am refreshed,
I will lend a helping hand,
Unto all the others,
Beyond the Borderland.


In the Stillness of the Night

In the stillness of the night,
Go forth my Spirit - on a Heavenly flight,
Over mountains, land and sea.
Fly free - into Eternity.
Then on thy cord of silver
Return to me
And with the morning light
Recapture all the beauties
Thou did see,
That they may dwell in
And be part of me,
So that when this Spirit leaves,
For evermore, this temple for some distant shore
I will behold this secret store of memory,
And know that I am home to stay.
Then will this temple - left behind,
Decay with time
Like an empty vessel
Devoid of wine.


Bon Voyage

Life is so uncertain,
Death alone is sure.
My spirit to an anchor fast,
Rides the sea of life.
Tossed in turmoil,
Knowing strife and deep despair,
Yet finding kindness ? here and there.

And when the voyage is over,
This mortal anchor cast,
Free and immortal ? I?ll sail at last
Home to that harbour,
Becalmed and still,
To fold my sails upon my breast, and know
Serenity, Peace and Rest.
This, then is the life
That I called Death.


Uncle Hugh

He drifted into a dreamless sleep,
As the moon shed forth her light,
And death came stealthily,
Life a thief, through the silent night.
A presence - from the shadows,
Took him by the hand.
?Whence come you stranger
From a far off land??

And a great mosaic before him,
In many colours spread.
?What is that? ? yonder stranger?
?T?is the life you lead?.
He gazed in awe at what he saw,
And softly the stranger said
?T?is the tapestry of life,
Woven in suffering, sorrow and strife?.

It all began with a single thread,
The hues were chosen, by the path you tread.
See you there ? the golden strands,
All worked in by willing hands.
Then ? a chill wind struck his cheek,
T?was as dark as night,
And all the errors of his life,
Passed before his sight.

The past unfurled before him,
Like a shadow hiding the sun.
And he watched and saw the wasted years,
And all he?d left undone.
His face was wet with falling tears,
Bitter ? every one,
And the tang of salt, was sharp upon his tongue.

Again ? the scene before him changed,
To a garden ? gay with flowers.
Each tiny petal, God had sent
For every weary hour spent
In service ? to his Brothers.
In all his life, he?d never dreamed,
He?d earned such great applause,
And ? all around ?
Was joy and peace.
T?was the Love of God.


Be Not Anxious for the Morrow

Be not anxious for the morrow,
Dwell not on thoughts of sorrow.
Has come ? and gone.
Tomorrow is
Already born.
Cast all fear out, by the way.
Just living for today.
Your Immortality,
Love, Peace and Serenity
All keys to Eternity.


I Love Thee Deeply

I love thee deeply.
Why, I cannot tell.
Perchance - in another life
I did?st meet thee?
Oh - memory lift the veil.

Was it here,
Or in some other sphere?
Where, I cannot tell.
I feel my spirit knew thee,
God alone knows well.

When this life is over,
Our spirits will be free,
And we shall be together
Throughout eternity


Put Aside the Sword

Put aside the sword, the battle?s done,
Oh, so early for one so young.
?Tis God who decides wither we go, and whence we come.
Count not your sorrow in passing years,
So much to do, no time for tears.
Be not daunted, nor filled with fears,
Hands will guide you thro? coming years.
So brave you?ve been, fail not him now,
Honour His name and your head bow
To a greater will than you know of now.

May your heart not know the pain of grief too long.
Look unto God, have faith, be strong.
Let not tears wet or stain your cheek.
The earth shall be inherited by the meek.

Go forward into the light of God?s day,
Look not backward on the way.
Remember Him when you kneel to pray.
Be not bitter as you say
?Thank you God, for our lovely days,
For his youthfulness and boyish ways?.
Keep in memory, evergreen
The happy days you both have seen.
Think not on what might have been.
May such blessing lie in store
And may the future bring much more
Than you can ever hope to share.

Believe you in the answered prayers.
Remember him not with regretful thoughts.
Sadden him not with your grief.
See in death another life.
See it not as a thief.
This life is such a transient thing,
Encounters are so brief.
So hinder not his happy way,
?Tis but goodbye till another day.
Naught can destroy the love that?s been,
Not even death can intervene.

Other statesmen he has joined,
Ambassadors of Heaven they?ve become,
To link us on earth ? to make all men one.
The will of God shall be done.
Brotherhood of love, yet will come.
Peace on Earth, unto everyone.

 David Anderson 1953 - 1971


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