Poems about Healing and Restoration

A Prayer for Healing

We?re taking him to Jesus,
Jesus will be there.
He?ll lift him in his healing arms,
And we will say a prayer:
Lord, lay Thy hands upon him,
This Thy infant mild,
For it be Thy perfect will, Lord
To heal this little child.


Get Well Soon

Dawn came stealing over the hill,
And sent her searching fingers onto my windowsill.
There they danced, in amber, gold and red
Into my room and across my bed.
Reflected in my mirror like a thousand coloured threads.
Who could know gloom in this sunlit room?
Who could know pain when dawn?s sweet refrain
Heralds yet another new born day?


A Prayer of Gratitude

God bless
The folks in rest homes,
Whose minds have gone awry.
God bless
The blind, who?ve never seen
A sunset paint the sky.
God bless
The deaf, who?ve never heard
The singing of the birds.
God bless
The dumb, whose silent tongues
Can never utter words.
God bless,
The lame, who cannot walk,
And give them strength to bear
The long and weary, restless days
Imprisoned in a chair.
God, lay Thy healing hands on these,
Keep them in Thy care.
Help us to remember them,
When we kneel in prayer.
Keep us ever grateful Lord,
And when we are hard to please,
Remind us that our Cross is light,
Compared with such as these.


I Only Meant to Ease the Burden

I only meant to ease the burden,
Take away the pain.
I only meant to show him
How to live again.

I only meant to help him
Through his darkest days
I only meant to bring him
Laughter on the way.

I only meant to kindle
His spirit to a flame.
I only meant to show him
How to love again.



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