Poems about Peace and Tranquility

Thank You God for a Lovely Day

Thank you God for a lovely day
For children?s laughter while they play
And the simple things of this day.

Thank you God ? for the things unseen
That show us what this life can mean,
For the voices heard and the guiding hands,
For the comfort brought from far off lands.

Thank you God ? for the sight to see
The beauties here surrounding me,
For a glimpse into the world unseen
And a thought as to what this world might have been.

I pray Oh God ? as I patiently wait
For my turn to pass throu? thy garden gate,
That my Spirit in my earthly shell
Has learned Life?s lesson and progressed well,
That I carry in my heart no hate
I pray ? please God ? I am not too late.

 Friars Crag - Derwentwater


An ever open door
Peace within
Dwelling there
Like a living thing
A place to kneel and pray
Where the soul can soar
Like a bird on the wing
Refuge and rest
A quiet happiness
Contentment and love
Beyond compare
A haven in the world of care.


Somewhere I Heard

Somewhere I heard the closing of a door,
And like a sigh, on the bosom of the wind,
I am prisoner of the flesh no more.

The open road lies before me.
Ne?er did I behold such Golden Glory.
Perchance, I recaptured a distant dream?

Memory stirs as I gaze upon this exultant scene.
Have I once before, passed through this door?
Then, autumn is passed and again it is spring.
I live and breathe, and it would seem
That this is reality ? the other the dream.


The Moon Rose on the Sleeping Sea

The moon rose on the sleeping sea,
To play her silver melody.
She kissed the crest of every wave,
And light became a symphony.

Every still and limped pool
She painted with her light,
And every sea shell was a jewel,
Sparkling in the night.


Song of the Solway

Song of the Solway, song of the sea
You?re cold and you?re cruel, you care not for me,
You sing with the wind, you go your own way,
You laugh and you cry, yet you shed not a tear.
You beckon to me, in wild moods and calm,
You tear at my heart in the wildest of ways
Till at last you are at rest, then I like you best.
For my soul you becalm.
Song of the sea,
Taunting me, Haunting me
Like an enchantress you seem,
Song of the Solway - Song of the sea.

 The Solway Estuary

There Once Was an Old Man

There once was an old man,
He was very wise,
You knew him once,
But do not remember with the mind.

He sat at the bottom of a tree,
Even the birds of the air were his friends.

There was a pool nearby and
It reflected Heaven itself.

He would gaze deeply into the pool,
In the day time it sparkled with the sun
And by night it reflected moon and stars.

It was always silent and never rippled,
It was so situated, that it could only reflect
The beauty of Heaven and light.
The old man saw only peace and beauty there.

Such is the reward of a tranquil mind,
A soul at peace.


A Cottage Garden Speaks

Casement windows, open wide,
Summer evenings, quietly breathing,
Lingering notes of thrush?s song,
Roses resting, midst the thorns,
The only sound, should strangers pass,
Singing sythes, swish through the grass.

Sun?s last, long golden rays,
Filter softly thro? the trees,
As balls of fire, lost to sight,
Shadow?s, fingers precede the night.

Nodding flowers beside the path,
Now so glad the heat is past,
Tiny heads of different hues,
Cup their petals to sip the dew.

Graceful willows, stand and weep,
All the earth slips into sleep.
Neath her blanket, quiet and still,
Waits the morrow, and God?s will.


Recaptured Memories

Sleep, sleep, is but a nightly dying,
Fleshy garment resting,
Whilst eternal soul's questing.

Moon is high,
Stars shine bright,
Clouds are dark,
Edged with light.

Go forth, soul,
Day is ended,
Night awaits,
Time suspended.

Music singing from a stream,
Familiar sights of lovely scenes,
Memories of forgotten dreams,
Where is this place my soul has been?

Soul meets soul,
No words need spoken,
Silence golden,
Left unbroken.

Dawn now pushes back the curtain
Of the velvet starry night.
Return my soul, from thy questing,
Earth hath recalled thee
From thy flight.



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