Poems about Reassurance

Faith Came Singing Into My Room

Faith came singing into my room, and other guests took flight
Grief and anxiety, fear and gloom, sped out into the night
I wondered that such peace could be,
But faith said gently : Don?t you see, that they could never live with me.

Since hate is with us still, I wish men love;
I wish, since hovering hawks still strive to kill,
The coming of the dove.
And since the ghouls of terror and despair are still abroad,
I wish the world once more;
Within the love of those who have seen God.


Come Night

Come night ? descend upon thy silent wings,
Bring thy blessed peace.
Calm our tired and troubled minds
Let all our strivings cease,
And with thy lullaby, lull us into sleep.
Let our weary bodies rest, until you take to flight,
Then will the dawning take thy place
To bring her virgin light.
And we will meet this other day,
Because of thee, Sweet Night.



Let there not be a chink in the Armour of thy Faith,
God never makes a promise, only then to hide His face.
Let thy Faith shine before thee
That it may lighten the darkest place.
Let its cloak of warmth enfold all who come near thee
And ? as a flower lifts its face to the sun,
So will their souls
Lift towards the Sunlight of thy Faith.


Fear Not

Fear not Death's sting, there is no such thing.
Death is but the doorway to where life begins.
Fear not the valley, for it is not dark,
But filled with the light of the Eternal Son.
Lay down your cross, the battle is over ? victory won.
The reward is waiting, for each and everyone.
According to your deeds on earth,
Shall it unto you be done.
Lay not value on your earthly sum.
Rather, lay by riches
When you homeward come.


Jacob's Ladder

A golden stairway leads to the stars,
Whence comes music on golden bars
Sometimes near, oft?times afar,
Elusive to the human ear,
This music of some other sphere.
Like a face I discerned ? yet not made clear.
Like a pool, so still and deep.
Awaiting wakening from its sleep
Then, at last, the slumber breaks,
On some new shore a dawning waits,
Then ? will this music ? now ever near,
Enfolding all in loving arms,
Bid them welcome,
To the Promised Land.


Know Thyself

Can'st not thy mind grasp
That which this life entail
Or, doth thy mind grope
With searching fingers
As the blind - the Braille.

Of this life ? thyself avail
Knowest thou the truth
Beyond all common pale
Lest Death cometh in the night
To drop her silent veil.

 Betty as a Coxswain on Derwentwater

Wings of Night

Come, night - descend upon thy silent wings
Bringing thy blessed peace
Calm our tired and troubled minds
Let all our strivings cease
And with thy lullaby, lull us into sleep
Let our weary bodies rest, until you take to flight
Then will the dawning take thy place
To bring her virgin light
And we will meet this other day,
Because of thee, Sweet Night.


In the Depths of the Cool Quiet Forest

In the depths of the cool quiet forest,
I wandered thro? sun-dappled glades.
I rested midst whispering grasses
And heard the sweet sighing of trees,
As they lifted their arms towards Heaven
Singing their hymns of praise.

My spirit lifted within me,
To see all this beauty He gave,
And a peace and stillness filled me,
In place of my sadness and grief.
For the love in this quiet forest,
Had restored my faith and belief

 The River Derwent under Castle Crag

What Mighty Hand

What mighty hand
Wove every strand
Of life?s tapestry?

Threads of love, joy and sorrow.
A boy today,
A man tomorrow.

What hand devised this mighty plan?
Heaven and earth,
A universe,
A grain of sand.

 Boy Today Man Tomorrow

Upon a One Time Barren Land

See the stars amidst the grass
Please tread lightly as you pass
Do not disturb them as you go
Lest they lose their brilliant glow.
They lie like flowers on the grass
As they fell from Heaven in eons past.
Perhaps, some angel?s silver tears
Shed for someone weeping here
And scattered by some unknown hand.
Perhaps they touched that saddened heart
And made it feel a tiny part
Of the greatest cosmic art,
The music of the spheres.

 Betty Writing at Lakeside


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