Poems about Remembrance Day and Easter

Remembrance Sunday

Cherish me not with regretful thought,
Of what might have been for you and me.
Remember me not with tears and sighs,
Like the poppies, I did not die.
My body bled a blood as red as any poppy that ever grew,
And from this mortal shell a soul was shed,
And on your loving thoughts it fed,
And bloomed again, as poppies will
Upon that field, where so much blood was spilled.
Remember me with love and joy,
For I am but still the boy you knew.
I lie not unknown, where the poppies grew,
I live now, even as you.


Remembrance Day - 1963

Let the trumpet sound for the last roll call,
In this field of poppies for them all,
Silent now ? from strife and war
No battle cry ? on earth to fall.
Only peace and song of birds,
A stillness, on this cross clad land.
No sign of man ? or sound of voice.
Be still ? ye kin,
Grieve not ? Rejoice.
The call was answered,
We had no choice.
Fill your hearts with love, shed no tears,
Count not our lives in passing years,
For in this crimson poppyland,
Where the nameless crosses stand,
Tis God that takes us by the hand.



Red is for the beads of blood
That lay upon His brow
As He took the bitter cup.
All for you and me,
In a garden called

Red is for the blood He shed,
As He hung there - on that tree.
All for you and me,
On a hill called

White is for the sins forgiven,
As He hung there ? bleeding.
All for you and me,
On a hill called

Gold is for
The Lord that?s risen.
All for you and me,
Ascended to His Father in Heaven.
All for you and me.



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