Poems about Searching


Life is but a prelude of things to come,
The rolling of a distant drum,
The tuning of the orchestra
In preparation of the full score.
The striving to perfect the false note,
The learning to know when off key,
Trying to live in tempo and harmony,
The rehearsal for the Grande Finale.
Life is music in all its entirety
Death is life in all its eternity


Seek the Silent Miracles

Seek the silent miracles
They come not here in vain
They bring their sweet refreshments
Like the sunshine after rain
The sun must set
The moon must wane
Yet with the autumn?s passing
The spring will come again.


Heads of Government

I pray
That in years to come,
Heads of Government,
At least some,
Will listen to men of different race
And halt this suicidal pace,
To hurl all the Human Race,
Into annihilation?s waste.
Still, selfishly, men go their way,
To worship idols with feet of clay.

Some say ?tomorrow is another day,
Let?s gather rose buds while we may?.
This then is man?s philosophy.
Will he never cease to hoard
Pretty baubles for his pleasure, precious stones,
Gold and treasure gained by greed and lust?
These will perish with him
In Atomic Dust.

Away with talk of creed and colour,
Learn to love one another.
Every man is your brother,
The Great Creator is the Father.
Oh that man could only grasp
The wonder of the Universe.
Too vast ? alas ?
For the puny mind.
He has no concept of
Space or Time.


I Slumbered and a Voice Cried Unto Me

I slumbered ? and a voice cried unto me,
?Leave the world of dreams awhile,
Come and follow me?.
Over the threshold together we went,
Into reality.
The past was there ?
Weary and spent.
The present ? was me.

A thousand pathways lay beyond ?
Into eternity.
?Take thought? ? said a voice
?To the one of your choice.
Go as far as the eye can see.
Be careful friend, when you reach the end,
Only one path leads to me?.

I hid my face in trembling hands,
Afraid to look and see.
?One step?, I said, ?enough for me?.
He must have heard my frightened cry,
For as veils of sleep drifted by,
I heard a voice reply, ?follow me child, follow me?.


A Familiar Garden

Oh that I should wander to some warmer clime,
Some lovely, familiar garden, beyond all space and time.
Peace, rest, and happiness,
If only I could find.

I?m aware of something there.
Colours - in profusion - tumble through my mind.
I sense a breeze and rustling trees, and banks of dazzling flowers.
Their nodding bell-shaped heads send out their scent to please
And accommodate the gentle humming bees.
I open heavy eyelids, to start a fresh new day.

 Betty's Own Garden


Wheel spins, ball speeds round ? crazy ? up, down - wheel loses speed.
Unwinds - ball slower - tries to enter one section - wheel loses more speed.
Ball often enters a few sections before finally stops in final one.
Parallel - Life
Helter skelter - crazy speed - top action - blind alleys,
Only when we slow down and momentum decreases
And we are "Still" - do we halt in the right section,
The place we are meant to be,
Let go - Let God.


The Secret Garden

Oh, that I could wander to some warmer clime,
Some lovely garden, beyond all space and time,
Peace, rest and happiness, if only I could find.
I am aware of something there, perfect and sublime,
Colours in profusion tumble through my mind.
I sense a breeze, and rustling trees, banks of dazzling flowers
Send out their scent to please,
As their nodding bell-shaped heads
Accommodate the gently humming bees.
Just beyond, a lily pond,
Lying so quiet and still,
She lends her mirrored face to any passer-by
That they may see the beauty of azure-reflected sky.

Refreshed and full of wonder, tho? I?d never been away
I had briefly visited, beyond this span of time,
The beautiful, eternal garden of the mind.

I opened heavy eyelids and heard the whole world sigh,
Her great heart sadly weeping, for life was passing by.
For all the lonely people, not so fortunate as I.
They will not find the garden, scurrying in their haste.
They miss the hidden gateway
To their secret place.


Oh That I Could Pour Out

Oh, that I could pour out
The longings of my heart,
The secrets of my soul,
The torture of my mind,
All things false or true,
That haunts all of mankind.

Oh, that I could let it flow,
Like a singing - or lamenting - brook.
If I could but find the words,
They would fill a book.

If I could only wield a pen,
As artist uses brush,
I could fill the empty page,
With pictures - made of words.

If I could only find an ear
On whom I could prevail,
That afterwards, could still the tongue,
To repeat no secret tale.

If I could search the whole world over,
I think but few would know,
They only reap the good seed
If that is what they sow.



Why do I have to suffer so?
Why so long to reach my goal?
The dross has yet to burn away
To reveal the gold of the soul.

How long will it take, this progress to make?
Only when man will make time when he can,
The key will be found for the door.
How will I know when I have found the right key?
How will I tell if it is the right one for me?

There?s only one key, only one door,
Search and keep searching, you cannot do more,
It lies quietly waiting - in God?s cosmic store.



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